About us

Maud and Fríðrik

In January 2016 we moved to Nólsoy, into my father’s childhood home. The house was built by my grandparents in the mid 1930’s.

The house was renovated, and we have tried to keep the interior design as it was, but with some changes.

Both my parents are from Nólsoy and Fríðrik is from Viðareiði. We are both villagers and thrive very well here in Nólsoy.

Fríðrik is a strong and hard-working man, who takes the heavy work upon himself, while I take care of the garden, the cooking and the teaching.

The hens are the only animals we have, and they provide us daily with delicious eggs.

We love this life, and we only want to provide our guests the very best.

As a guest of heimablídni you will get an experience like no other, here in our cozy living room, with delicious local food served with a smile and storytelling about our place, Nólsoy and the Faroes.

Nólsoy is the place where the gap between the hipster and the villager disappears.

The House Then

The house on Mýrini was built in the mid 1930’s. My grandparents built it, and my father grew up here.

My grandparents where exceptionally energetic and hard-working, they took care of all the daily work which was attached to life at that time.

My grandfather was a fisherman, and my grandmother took care of the children, haymaking and to fed the animals. She had hens and calves, cooked and knitted.

The house often hosted Sunday visitors, where coffee was poured and the fine dining room was used. My grandfather offered the guests cigars, as they talked politics or religion. Old memories are rich.


The House now

Fríðrik has done all of the renovations and we chose to keep the same old style as they were. The old wallpaper, furniture and household effects have all been preserved.

Outside the house is the garden and the hen house, which is where we spend a lot of time.

This is now our home and this is where we invite you into heimablídni.

We aim to provide good spirit, which was so characteristic when my grandmother and grandfather lived. We have settled well and hope that our guests feel comfortable too.