Maud's Kitchen Garden

The story of Maud’s kitchen garden

In order to handle climate changes and to reduce the amount of imported goods, which we are able to produce in the Faroes, we have startet to grow our own vegetables. From this hard work Maud’s kitchen garden grew and here we dig the future. Maud’s kitchen garden is a garden where we grow lots of different vegetables. Most of the vegetables grow outside, and the plants which cannot handle the Faroese weather grow inside in the greenhouse. The selection of vegetables is constantly growing, and we are no longer dependent on imported vegetables and potatoes as we now are fully self-sufficient.

When I cook for heimablídni, I use our own vegetables straight from the garden. I also use different processes, such as pickling the healthy and sustainable vegetables, in order to preserve it until next harvest. At Maud’s you will will be served with sustainable homegrown vegetables with a fantastic good and authentic taste. Here you experience the taste of the Faroe Islands.

Inspiration for the seasons


The spring welcomes us with its first eatable flowers as lots of inspiring and healthy herbs sprout form the soil.

Recipes for the spring



Greek yogurt, herbs from the garden (mint, chive, garlic tops, dill,

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1 kg rhubarbs cut into pieces (2 cm), 600 grams of sugar, 2 tablespoons vanilla sugar. Clean the rhubarbs

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Summer is the time of year when the salads are fresh and ready to eat. Radishes, spinach and onions tops are sprouting.

Recipes for the summer

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Autumn is the time to harvest vegetables, cabbages and roots. The potatoes are grown, the onions are to be dried and the stocks are full of all kinds of delicious vegetables.

Recipes for the autumn

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Winter is time of year where almost nothing is growing, but this is the time to put the garlic into soil to mature until next spring or summer. The Kale is till standing even if the snow and frost is present, the cold gives the kale an even better taste.

Recipes for the winter

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