This is homedining (heimablídni)

Heimablídni is an experience where you are invited to sit at our table in our dining room and being served with high-quality local food.

The local food is homegrown vegetables, fish and meat from the local fishermen and “farmers”.

There is emphasis on only serving with locally produced food, where old traditions are joined by modern technique as you like it.

Here you are able to feel at home while you experience the authentic taste of the Faroes.

Choose one of three courses!

2. Tapas/small dishes

Tapas is a composition of Faroese and foreign small dishes, both warm and cold with homemade complements and veggies form the garden.

A mix of delicious fish, meat, sausages, pesto, veggies and baked goods of different sorts.

Kostnaður 400 DKK


3. Luxury Menu

This meal is a composition of three courses and an entrance snaps (voluntary of course). We will also serve wine or beer with the food and lots of cold water.

Here the food and you will be nursed to make you feel most comfortable at the table.

The food will be handled with extra love and tenderness as the purpose is for you to experience a special moment and for you to feel as the center of attention.

Kostnaður 800 DKK


Main Course


Ask for a booking

Attention: This is not a direct booking, but a proposal for a booking.

Heimablídni is sold out for the rest of the season.
Thank you for showing interest!

Other inquiries can be sent to maud@maud.fo.

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