Teaching and inspiration

Are you interested in learning how to prepare the soil in order to grow your own vegetables and potatoes or make your own compost? If so, I would gladly share all of my knowledge.

In 2020 I finished my M.S.Sc. in West Nordic Studies, Governance and Sustainable Development.

The education has inspired me to do what I do today and for me to use and share my knowledge within this field, is as an instrument for living a sustainable life.

Food heritage is a title which is assembling the significance of food culture, practicalities connected with food, and knowledge of food.

If you wish for a green project, I am able to provide inspiration of my own experience from recent years.

Send me an email at maud@maud.fo

Environmental arrangement

Municipalities, schools, group of employees, knitting clubs and others who would like to book a course or a presentation about preparing the soil for vegetables, compost or sustainable cooking.

Send me an email at maud@maud.fo